Most Canadian resource firms to grow their business in 2015

6 Jan

Most Canadian resource firms to grow their business in 2015

More than half of Canada’s mining and resource companies expect to grow their business in 2015, but only a third of them has actual plans to hire new staff members, a study published Tuesday reveals.

According to Hays Canada, which surveyed companies in November 2014, 53% of the participants anticipate expanding activity in the coming months. However, only 34% plans to hire full-time employees and a further 20% is actually considering job cuts.


The analysis, which results are detailed in the international recruitment agency’s 2015 Salary Guide, also shows than 40% of the firms interviewed plan to hike temporary staff levels rather than focusing on permanent positions with long-term career growth potential.

“Temporary hires certainly have a value however, focusing on long-term growth through employee development will reduce future shortages,” said Rowan O’Grady, Hays Canada’s President. “Mining and resource employers should be investing in training and skills development, recruitment and succession planning to keep pace with their current and future ambitions,” he added.

Salaries going up

Despite unpredictable global markets, responses from the Canadian mining and resource industry show that most (83%) plan to offer some form of salary increase this year. In fact, more than a quarter (33%) believe the country’s economy will continue to strengthen throughout the next 6 to 12 months.

“It appears Canadian employers are poised to capitalize on their positive outlook although I sincerely hope a focus on short-term gain doesn’t distract them from resolving the looming challenges ahead,” said O’Grady.

Hays report concludes that mining and resource business targets for the year and beyond could be undermined if more permanent recruitment, training and retention solutions aren’t found.


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