Angooran underground Lead-Zinc mine supervision, Zanjan, Iran

2 Feb

LOCATION : Angooran underground Lead-Zinc mine, Zanjan, IRAN

CLIENT : Kanazin Engineering Company

PERIOD: 2008 – 2010

Angooran underground mine Project has awarded contract to Kazazin co in 2008 aiming at supervising the implementation of two horizontal tunnel to access the ore body . The length of those tunnels are about 4.5 km which was excavated in two different horizons (2700 and 2775). Their cross section was 6.7 square meter. Different types of supporting range from self-stand to arc were used for different section based on the condition of the rock.

All the supervision including: drilling and blasting, excavating, transporting, supporting, lightening, watering, dewatering, and technical services was done for 2 years.

IRANCAGROUP as a partner of KANAZIN was working in these specific areas:

Supervision on all executive activities which were done by contractors .

Drafting new executive plan based on the preliminary design which had been done in previous step.

Controlled actual progress, checked the bottle neck, revised master plan

Commissioned partially and whole project in different steps.

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